Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica: Our Thoughts Determine Our Life.


Staretsa_Tadei_1The Apostle says, “You say you have faith; show your faith through your works, then”. Absolute love never changes; it lasts forever. We long for absolute good and absolute peace with all our heart. In reality, we long for God. God is life, God is love; He is peace and joy. In our hearts we long for God, but in our thoughts we oppose Him. As we said, Satan believes and trembles, yet he opposes God. Likewise, an atheist is not really an atheist, but an opponent of God. Thus, we long after God in our hearts but oppose Him in our thoughts. Our opposition cannot harm God, for He is Almighty, but it can certainly harm us. Our thoughts, moods, and desires set a path for our life. Our thoughts reflect our whole life. If our thoughts are quiet, peaceful, and full of love, kindness, and purity, then we have peace, for peaceful thoughts make possible the existence of inner peace, which radiates from us. However, if we breed negative thoughts, then our inner peace is shattered.

Here is what the Holy Fathers say about thoughts: “If thoughts that take away our peace assail us, know that they are from hell.” Such thoughts must not be accepted. They must be banished immediately. We must struggle for our own good and strive for peace to take root in our souls —peace, joy, and Divine love. Our Heavenly Father wants all of His children to have His divine properties. He wants us to be full of love, peace, joy, truthfulness, and kindness. He wants us to be able to comfort others. We also want to become meek and humble, for only such a person radiates goodness and kindness. Such a person is never insulted even when you shout and scold him; you can even hit him and all he does is pity you for tormenting yourself so. There are very few such people on this earth, but they are the reason why the sun still warms planet Earth and why God gives us His blessing to go on living and to have everything we need in order to live.