Hagiography and Antiphon


The memory of the holy, glorious and right victorious martyr Georgi Novi who suffered in the Bulgarian city of Serdika (Sofia) is celebrated on 11 February. He was born in Kratovo, a small town in present-day Republic of Macedonia in 1496 or 1497. He was crowned with the wreath of martydom for Christ in the year 1515.


Saint Martyr Georgi Sofiyski Novi was born to devout Bulgarian parents Dimitar and Sara in the small town of Kratovo, Macedonia. After he learned to read and write, he mastered the goldsmith’s trade. When his father died, the handsome and smart young man was compelled to escape to the big city of Sofia because while in the small town it would have been easier for the Turks to take him by force into their faith and janissary army. But there, as well, the jealous eye of the Turks soon detected the rare qualities of his external and internal beauty. They sent to him one of their men of letters who pretended to be placing an order but actually engaged him in a conversation about faith. Only 18 years of age with his smart questions and answers St. Georgi made his visitor feel ashamed and short for words. Then the Turk went back to those who sent him and said that that person was dangerous to the Mohammedan faith and should be converted to Mohammedanism by force. Read more…

Antiphon, voice 4

With great patience, you blessed martyr Georgi, suffered a death from fire and after your death you adopted the eternal crown of Christ along with the effigy of a martyr. And now buried proudly in the land of quietness, pray to Christ for us who faithfully make a bow to your honest relics. Read more…

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