Conceptual Design


Architectural design – characteristics and technical data

The Church represents the style of the Medieval Byzantium church architecture.
The cross-shaped vault resembles the so-called “tight cross” type. With a view to architectural – construction specificities the church is with a nave and two aisles, with triapsidal but not three-section sanctuary. Its plan is simple and consolidated, without excessive segmentation, with marked extended naos. General dimensions approximate 20 m/10 m. Read more…

According to the plan the church building comprises three levels. On the ground level is located the main church in the honour of Saint Georgi Sofiyski Novi. It comprises a narthex, a naos with a nave and two aisles and a sanctuary. The church will have a special balcony for the church choir – emporium located above the narthex. The underground part of the church will accommodate a chapel devoted to Saint Serafim Sarovski and also baptistery for performance of baptismal ceremonies, study rooms, rehearsal hall, library, church shop, office and storerooms for the employees.

The church building bears many of the specific features of the layout and the decoration of the Medieval Bulgarian churches. Its layout is light and simple. The church architecture provides for picturesque external decoration and combination of architectural elements resembling by shape and colour the rich decorated traditional Medieval Bulgarian churches, with beautiful atria and arches. Although of modest size the church building is impressive with its style and elegant architecture.

Photos of the area where the new church building will be located. The building will be built in zoned property IV – district 43а, Mladost I, address: G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., Musagenitsa neighbourhood, Studentski region. Sofia City. The total floorage area is 511 m².


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