A Brief Report on Activities Performed in 2015


The main goal in front of the church board during the past one year period was to popularize the initiative of the church construction, to process at a maximum extent the pre-construction activities related to kick-off of the church construction project, and if circumstances permit to hold a first sod ceremony. Since the year 2015 was notable for the 500 year anniversary from the martyrish death of saint Georgi Novi it was important that the church board makes active efforts in the project.

During the reported period the following results were achieved: a facebook page and URL were created; a processional icon of Saint Martyr Georgi Sofiiski Novi was made;  small paper icons were produced to help in popularizing the project; the design project was made for free and was approved by the Holy Metropolis of Sofia, the chief architect and Studentska municipality; the contract granting free construction right to the church was signed between the church and Sofia municipality; a permanent construction visa was received and was prepared at no charge.

During the reported period the following activities were started and are currently under execution: the full set of paperwork required for construction permit is put together including work is carried out to finalize the technical project, to enter preliminary contracts with the utility companies, to obtain permit from “Green Systems” directorate at Sofia Municipality; work is under way to set up a non-commercial organization PayPal account; to organize a charity boxes  fundraising campaign at public locations; extend the site to multilingual by including Engligh and Russian languages versions.

The main priorities in our future efforts remain as before for us to popularize the church construction project and to kick off the building activities with a first sod ceremony after the full construction document set is gathered and the construction permit received.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported our activity and made the results achieved so far possible. May you be richly rewarded by God for that! We hope that in our strivings in the time to come we can rely on your cooperation and on increasingly numerous supporters who cherish the spiritual  environment they live in and that we rejoice together at the success of this pious deed pleasing to God.

Date of publication: 26 Jan, 2016