Architectural design – characteristics and technical data


General characteristics and appearance of the church

The Church represents the style of the Medieval Byzantium church architecture.
The cross-shaped vault resembles the so-called “tight cross” type. With a view to architectural – construction specificities the church is with a nave and two aisles, with triapsidal but not three-section sanctuary. Its plan is simple and consolidated, without excessive segmentation, with marked extended naos. General dimensions approximate 20 m/10 m.

The Church has rich façade decoration. It is encompassed with two strictly arranged and rich in details lines of arch-shaped niches and borders, which are specific for the Medieval Bulgarian architecture. The central vault has pendants, with cylindrical drum and 8 arch-shaped windows. The bell tower, located above the narthex, is smaller in size and generally repeats the vault.

The facades are rich in decorations of ceramic, stone and other elements imitating the Ancient Roman construction (opus mixtum). The wolf’s tooth is present as an element both cantilever, framing the cornices and as an embossed element on the plane of the façade.

With structure typical for the Medieval period and rich external decoration, the Church has the specific features and aims to resemble the magnificence of the Medieval churches: Sveta Bogoroditsa Petrichka (Church of the Holy Mother of God Petrichka) (The Asen’s Fortress), the Church of Christ Pantocrator (Nesebar), Saint Dimitar (Veliko Tarnovo), Saint Jason and Sosipater Church (Greece), Saint Archangels (Macedonia). There is no such church in our capital city. We also have no church devoted to our local saint – Saint Georgi Sofiyski Novi. To fill in this omission, this project was developed at the request of the Church Board Saint Martyr Georgi Sofiyski Novi and the Studentski region, Sofia Municipality, which provided the area for that purpose.


The property is near the busy crossing of G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., in the densely populated Musagenitsa neighbourhood.

(Address: Sofia City, Studentski region, Musagenitsa neighbourhood, G.M. Dimitrov Blvd. – opposite the Nationa Investigation Service).

Ceremonial Hall is located nearby. There are also two high-rise residential blocks. Zoned property IV-6041, district 43а, Mladost 1 is an angular property, with an area of 511 m2, L-shaped. The Church is located in the far end. In front of the central entrance there is a green area with sitting corners. The main access is from Boyan Danovski Str.

The main entrance to the narthex is shaped as a small exonarthex in the form of an atrium with double-pitch roof and a pediment. The Church also has two side entrances – one entrance from the side of the neighbouring Ceremonial hall. It leads to the narthex of the main church Saint Georgi and downstairs to the servicing underground level. The other entrance is from the opposite site (north-east) – directly to the naos.

Functional Solution

The main church in honour of Saint Georgi Sofiyski Novi is slightly raised above the ground, which allows natural lighting and ventilation of the underground level. The church comprises narthex, extended naos without singer’s areas and sanctuary with three semi-circular apsides. In the zone of the narthex will be located the church shop and staircase to the underground level. The narthex has two entrances – the main entrance is from north-west, the side entrance – from south-west, on interim level, this is the level of the outdoor area.

On the underground level will be located a secondary chapel in the honour of Saint Serafim Sarovski and also baptistery, study rooms, rehearsal hall, library, office and other service rooms.

On the second level, with access from the naos, is located emporium (choir).

Technical and economic indicators

The building has built area of 203,27 m2 and floor area – 548,10 m2.


The building of the House of God may not happen without open-hearted and generous contributors. The church starts serving the people even before it is actually built. God gives us the chance that yet with the intention and the building of a church to develop virtues – to show good-heartedness and generosity and to serve to God and people. To be church champions and not just church witnesses so that we are crowned with success. We should never forget that “A helping hand will never become poorer” and God will reward us when we give a part of the things, which by the grace of God, we find in our heart and hand.



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