Contributors and Donors


At present the church has no main donor. Thanks to the efforts of the initially formed building committee, the amount of BGN 50 thousand was raised and in 2012 it was transferred to the account of the present Church Board.

Based on the will of each donor, we may publish their name on the website of the Church. There are people who act according to the gospel words: „do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing“ (Mattew 6:3) and for that reason we ask in advance every contributor whether they wish to remain anonymous or their names may be disclosed.

So far many people have put in a lot of free work and efforts or have provided materials. Our gratitude to everyone for that!
• The Municipality of Studentski region has provided free of charge area for the construction of the church – Zoned property IV, district 43a, Mladost – I, Sofia City;
• Architect Margarita Shakina provided free of charge the Conceptual design, project: Saint Martyr Georgi Sofiyski Novi Church, December 2014;
• Contributors helped for the website development;
• Advertising agency Raits 2 made paper icons and the branding of charity boxes;
• A contributor who asked for anonymity paid the state fees and expenses for establishment of free construction right in favour of the church.

Once the execution of the construction project kicks off we will publish a list of required materials or services so that everyone can help according to their abilities and willingness.

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