Saint Paisios of Mount Athos – His Teachings

BucL6Ygx64Q“First we believe in God and then we love God and His image, man. Faith is increased by the prayer: “God, increase our faith!”

“As far as I understood all evil comes from lack of faith. When one does not believe in God they want to spend their life in feastings and revellings. That is why they indulge in every sin.”

“Man must grasp the most profound meaning of life – that this life is given to us to get prepared for the eternal life. After this, as a traveller who needs a guide in order to reach a certain place, likewise in a spiritual journey one needs a guide (a spiritual father). Then a program guide, read a bit, pray a bit, shun things that cause a person to sin and avoid secular mentality which is a big evil. This way their heart will abide in Christ.”

“As a person becomes more spiritual, so much fewer rights does he have in this life as God keeps our rights for the other life.”

“Любочестно трябва да се подвизаваме да се спасим, за да не огорчим Христа. Christ will tell us: My child, I did so many things to save you. I shed My blood and suffered so much pain, and what did you do to save yourself?”

“Every man must find and sanctify his calling. The diligent man wherever he happens to be be it in marriage or in monasticism will be successful. “

“Let us prefer grief and accept it more than we do joy. Often the bitter medicine is better than the sweet one as it heals. Real joy is born from grief.”

“What obstructs the spiritual progress in man, is that they do not keep their mind occupied with the things which bring them a spiritual benefit but with other matters instead. “

“We must feel pain for our current condition in order to be able to pray with our heart.”

“Today the time has come to separate the sheep from the goats, the faithful from the unfaithful. Later the time will come for us to be tested, to undergo persecution for our faith, and then the difference will be told between copper and gold. “

“When someone is concerned about and suffers with their fellow men, condoles with the others, makes their problems his own, then he takes a martyr’s reward. How happy those people are who sacrifice everything! Neither do they have problems, and their face glows because they constantly receive divine joy.”

“The basis of spiritual life is to think about your fellow man and place yourself last, not to think about yourself. When we take the other person’s place and understand them then we become akin to Christ. “

“The devil does not hunt after those who are lost; he hunts after those who are aware, those who are close to God. He takes from them trust in God and begins to afflict them with self-assurance, logic, thinking, criticism. Therefore we should not trust our logical minds. Never believe your thoughts.”

“God’s grace is a precious thing. For it to come and abide in man, it must find their spirit is in agreement with God; they must have run out of everything human. Whereas we want to see God’s grace come and save us from weaknesses without a struggle. For the Holy Spirit to abide in someone requires a huge degree of self-denial, humility, nobility, sacrifice. Spiritual life is not a pleasure. Christ has turned on the socket but our wires are rusty and do not accept Christ’s Grace.  Let us clean our wires, to make efforts to get to know ourselves, to acquire virtues and it is in this way that God’s grace will visit us”. Glory and power to Him forever. Amin.