Храм „Св. мчк. Георги Софийски Нови“
Св. Георги Софийски Нови
Храм „Св. мчк. Георги Софийски Нови“
Храм „Св. мчк. Георги Софийски Нови“



More than ten years ago a group of patriotic Bulgarians in pursuit of improvement and raising the standard of living in this region, decided to build a church in honour of Saint Martyr Georgi Sofiyski Novi in Musagenitsa neighbourhood, Studentski region. The idea was welcomed by the local authorities and they assigned an area property of the municipality where the church would be built. For many years and for different reasons this idea was not realized but now with the assistance of Mr. Dimitar Dilchev, Mayor of Studentski region and with the willingness of the Church, this deed may be brought to an end.

Your support is essential for us, the people who are involved in the building of this beautiful and blessed church. We ask for your support so that goodness and spirituality are restored in Bulgaria. For those who may afford financial contribution, our bank account is: BG89BGUS91601001973600 and those who experience financial difficulties may nevertheless support us through our site on Facebook. Everyone who craves for a better life and more good people around – please support us.

Every contributor will receive information about expenditures on our website. We intend to publish every single step and to give public report for all expenditures. We will provide opportunity that the name of each contributor who wishes so will be entered in a special Book of Contributors to attest their contributions for the future generations. We work to create a blessed place where everyone may pray to God and find joy and consolation. Please join us!


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